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Our Roofing Case Studies

Each case study is a story of challenge, strategy, and success, offering you insights and inspiration.
Dive into these real-life journeys and envision the potential growth awaiting your business. Your success story could be the next one we share!

Rinaldi Roofing

This client is located in a low populated region of Rhode Island. What makes this customer unique but still a very good case study is because their company offers multiple services, but their primary focus is roofing. But that’s not all; what made this case even more unique is that they came to us one day ans mentioned they wanted more commercial roofing leads. Making a shift, the focal point of the campaign was commercial leadsnow , therefore we targeted commercial roofing based keywords. In little time, their online presence was ranking for commercial roofing keywords that increased their sales in the commercial roofing market. 

Acker Roofing

Acker Roofing is located in beautiful Concord, CA, offering roofing, storm damage repair, rain gutters, and GAF solar energy roofing. The focus of this campaign was roofing for homes in Concord and the surrounding the surrounding areas. The focus point of this campaign was to dominate the local rankings for their area, which is heavily residential. For this client, we focused on local based content, local based keywords, and keywords that would keep them busy with the amount of phone calls to their business. Enhanced by a robust Google My Business profile and review campaign, this client saw major success with their local market. 

Goliath Roofing

This client is a Launch package with us, and recently launched in last August, as of the time of this writing. This is our lowest tier package, but still effective with results. Goliath is based in North Carolina, and while each state is unique in how users search for their purchases and services online, North Carolina is a state where local presence is very important. By implementing a robust Google My Business strategy full of local content and local keywords, relaying the information back to the website, both avenues drove sustained local traffic to this client. Just look at their phone call leads! Their online presence just keeps growing and is still holding strong. 

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