How to Leverage the Power of Online Marketing to Find your Ideal Customers - WITHOUT Door Knocking or Telemarketing
Let's go over some basic facts:

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    The growth rates for new homes, remodels and even commercial construction is steadily increasing year over year.
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    Online marketing is an incredibly powerful tool used by businesses across the country to generate new leads.
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    Your ideal customers are online right now, researching their options for their next roofing project.
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    Your competitors are online as well, stealing those customers away from you.

Sobering, but true: Perhaps you've dabbled with online marketing in the past, but saw poor results.

Perhaps you're concerned about sinking money into marketing methods that won't pay for themselves in increased business and a steady stream of new leads.

I understand those concerns, and I'm here to help.

My name is Mauricio Cardenal and I’m a roofing marketing consultant and writer for Forbes magazine from Miami. I've helped businesses just like yours leverage the power of the internet to make lead generation painless and cost effective.

Let me ask you this:

What if you could consistently attract between a dozen and fifteen new residential roof replacement jobs and two to three new commercial roof replacement jobs EVERY MONTH... without breaking the bank?

It is absolutely possible. There are businesses out there RIGHT NOW doing this, and there's NO REASON one of them cannot be yours.

I'm offering you the opportunity to book a free call to discuss how I can help bring your marketing into the 21st century and turn your business into a self-sustaining marketing machine.

Drop the Cookie-Cutter Solutions and Turn Frustration into Opportunity

It's a sad truth that many roofing business owners (perhaps even you) are frustrated with their online marketing efforts. Many spend large amounts of money on ineffective, cookie-cutter campaigns that don't fit the unique nature of the roofing industry.


As a result, many businesses are reluctant to try yet another online marketing system that promises big but may not deliver.

I understand, and that's why I don't come to you bearing promises, but quantifiable evidence of how my system can help turn your roofing business into a viable and successful one.

Take for example All Star Construction & Roofing in El Paso, TX. The company's president Ricardo Castellanos approached me after being burned several times by marketing systems and businesses that failed to deliver.

We discussed his concerns and his needs, and I was able to put together a plan that resulted in:

  • 65 unique inbound calls/month
  • 20 web leads/month
  • And over $2,000,000 in commercial job opportunities. 

And that was in just 3 and ½ months!

Imagine what it could do for your business.

During our strategy call we'll discuss:

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    Your current marketing efforts and how they are (or are not) working for you.
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    How your ideal customers are using the internet to research options and how traditional canvassing and telemarketing is losing effectiveness.
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    Your current website and web presence and where you may be having issues with your lead generation.
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    What your competitors are doing to steal away customers that should be going to you.
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    How my system can help you turn your online marketing efforts into a self-sustaining lead generation machine.


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