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5 Amazing Roofing Advertising Strategies

For a roofer, a successful business starts by providing a quality service at a fair price. However, that alone won’t guarantee you success.

The market is more crowded than ever and prospective customers have far more options thanks to the internet. Roofing advertising strategies can take many forms, from online retargeting to simply following up on completed jobs to check on your customer’s satisfaction. We’re looking at 5 different strategies you can use to help grow your roofing business.

Create Unique Promotions

Community involvement can create a scenario where everyone wins. The community feels supported, and they, in turn, are more willing to support your business.

In the case of a roofing advertising strategy, try selecting a household every 1-2 months that needs a roof, but may not be in a financial position to afford such a renovation.

Applications or nominations can be created to decide who the recipient will be, which creates positive exposure. People will want to do business with you because you’re the company who is willing to help that struggling family get back on their feet, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve supported a good cause. Win-win.

Make use of Retargeting Ads

The purchase of a new roof is a decision that many homeowners put off due to the costs involved. As a result, it can take months or more for a lead to finally become a customer.

Retargeting ads keep track of visitors to your website and offer up your ads to them as they explore the internet. While the lead may not click on the ads, they will see them, keeping your business “top of mind” until the moment when they finally choose a roofer. Retargeting increases the chances that the roofer they choose will be you.

Show your Work with a Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio of past projects is a great way to demonstrate the quality of your work to prospective customers. Close up images of the craftsmanship that goes into your projects help build credibility and give customers an idea of what their roof will look like.

Also, if one of your value propositions is that you offer a tidy worksite, images of a project throughout its phases would also be great for demonstrating value to customers. All these images can be displayed on a portfolio page on your website, and used (with the client’s permission) as social media content as well.

Optimize your Search Advertising

Ranking as high as possible in local search results is essential to drive traffic to your website. There are three primary ways to ensure your business is as close as possible to that coveted top spot on search results: Pay-per-click advertising, Google My Business, and organic web listings.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are run through auction-based systems like Google Adwords and Bing Ads, allowing you to show in the top positions (reserved for paid ads) where you can control the ad copy and landing page.

Google My Business is a Google Maps listing and review platform that you can optimize your descriptions and customer reviews. Organic website listings are created by optimizing your website for keywords, gaining backlinks (links from other sites), maintaining an active social media presence and regularly updating your content (such as a blog).

Lead with Value

This is a primary tenet of marketing in the 21st century. By providing prospects with value (information, tips, etc.), you’re laying a foundation of trust and relevance that’s impossible to replicate any other way.

Provide tips on fixing a leak, or ensuring that their roof is ready for inclement weather, or even how to choose a roofing contractor.

When the time comes to purchase a new roof or repair an existing one, they’re more likely to come to you, mainly because you’ve provided so much value in the past, and because you’ve developed a relationship over time.

Standing out in a crowded market involves much more than just a low price. You need to provide real value for the dollar and be willing to nurture relationships over time to turn leads into customers.


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