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Full-Time | 100% Commission | Lucrative Commission Pay

If you are on this page my guess is you’re looking for a position in sales. We all have different things we are looking for so I created this page to explain in as much detail as I can who we are and what we are looking for.

We, Roofing Marketing Pros, have two things we focus on and everything else is built around those things.


  1. Hire PHENOMENAL sales talent.
  2. Facilitate their ability to do their jobs well.


Below, I am going to share everything you need in order to decide if this is a good fit for you before you go through the application process. My hope is that by the time you finish reading this page you will have had a super honest conversation with yourself about whether or not you should continue going through the process.

The Bad Parts About This Role:

Asset 3
Asset 3

High expectation sales position – Our entire company is built on providing TOP talent sales professionals to our clients…we also provide hot, pre-qualified leads, warm somewhat interested leads, and icy cold leads…most of our sales come on the first call, but we 100% expect you to keep and maintain a pipeline at all times. Failure to keep and maintain your pipeline costs us money and will ensure a short lived career with us.


100% Commission Based – Not only is your success reliant entirely on you, the income is uncapped. This isn’t like most commission only jobs, though, we actually provide leads who WANT to talk to you. Not a joke.

The Good Parts About This Role:

Asset 4
Asset 4
Asset 4

Amazing leadership team – We believe in leading from the front. The most important thing we can do for our team is to set the right example and provide our team with everything they need to be successful. We aren’t perfect, but we are constantly working to improve the circumstances for our sales team!


Uncapped earning potential – The business has been built with your growth in mind, one of our goals is to help our sales team members all earn more than $100,000.00 per year. If you aren’t hitting that goal, either you aren’t cut out for the work or we are failing you as a company…either way we will find out together. Some of our reps are on pace to do more than $200k per year.


Positions for all experience levels – We have opportunities for people of all different backgrounds and experience levels. Whether or not you have experience won’t matter here nearly as much as how you show up each day and your ability to be coached.

What Makes You Perfect For This?

1. Your ability to be coached well. Not just that you listen well, but that you can take and understand critical feedback and implement it immediately.

2. You are competitive and have plenty of experience in competitive situations…sports, sales competitions, checkers, or even racing unsuspecting drivers at traffic lights.

3. Reliable and high quality phone or internet service for uninterrupted inbound and outbound calling, as well as daily team collaboration access.

4. Although not required, we have a strong preference for individuals with 2 plus years of sales experience.

5. You are not afraid of hard conversations.

6. From the time you were a kid you remember people saying you would make such a good salesperson or even lawyer.

7. You are highly empathetic to the point you can feel the way people will respond before you ask them questions.

8. Strong time management skills – you’re always aware of time and can keep conversations and schedules moving successfully within established boundaries.

9. Strong computer skills and fluency with: Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, CRM’s, spreadsheets, and online scheduling systems.

10. A positive, can-do, solutions-oriented, and authentic attitude – especially under pressure.

11. You stay upbeat, creative, and goal focused despite setbacks.

12. You are NOT an ASSHOLE!

13. Unshakeable confidence is one of the biggest factors for success in sales and we love to see sales reps who carry that confidence with them in all situations. “Confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities, arrogance is when you think you are better than others and act accordingly.”

14. An open and coachable mind. You’re eagerly willing to support a client and the team in a way that best serves them as long as it aligns with your core values. You don’t take feedback or coaching personally, but rather you invite it openly to continue serving at your best and highest.

A Little About Us…

We’re one of the top roofing marketing agencies in the county. Our 360 approach to marketing has helped thousands of roofers across the country grow their business. We pride ourselves on legendary customer service & our reputation speaks for itself! As we are continuously growing, we are looking for top talent to help us achieve new heights..

Our Core Values:

Ready To Apply?

We’re excited to learn about you!

Or maybe this isn’t for you but someone special is coming to mind? Send them the link to this page and share the opportunity!
Or maybe this isn’t for you but someone special is coming to mind?
Send them the link to this page and share the opportunity!

Last Step……

As we only recruit top A players to our company, we will only consider
applicants who submit a 1-minute video answering the question below:

As we only recruit top A players to our company, we will only consider applicants who submit a 1-minute video answering the question below:

What makes you a great salesperson?

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    Sales Job Application

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