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The Power of Videos for Roofing Leads

Video Marketing should be a part of any successful roofing companies advertising strategy.

The Importance of Roofing Videos

I constantly talk about the importance of not being commoditized. Your customers, your partners, and your prospects are constantly fighting to make you a commodity.

One of the best ways to stand out and be unique in a commodity-driven world is to use videos in your business.

Videos are a powerful medium that can help establish your credibility, improve your conversion rates, and build your online reputation.

When you are competing against thousands of roofers you have to do whatever it takes to not be perceived as a commodity.

Modern technology has allowed anyone with a smartphone to create high quality videos.

I recommend that you use videos on your web properties including your website, landing pages, online listings, and social media pages.

One thing that will work like gangbusters on Facebook, would be a Facebook video campaign highlighting the before and after work of a roof that you worked on.

The video would show the roof before it was repaired and after it was repaired.

This is the most powerful type of video because it tells a story and showcases your expertise.

Facts about Video Marketing

Video is a superior communication platform over written text.

Video testimonials are better than written testimonials

Video case studies are better than text case studies.

Videos are better than articles.

A commercial that tells the story of your company is better than an article that tells the story of your company.

How to Create a Roofing Video

The one thing you have to make sure in making your video is to tell a story.

Production doesn’t matter as much as you think as long as your video tells a story it will make an impact.

For video testimonials, I recommend the following format:

Star- Introduce who you are and what problem they had
Story- introduce their previous experiences and how you worked together
Solution- talk about your solution and how it helped them solve their problem

If you want to create a commercial type of your video for your business, I would recommend the following format:

Who you are
Who you serve
What problem you solve
Call to action

This simple format tells the history of your company in a compelling way.

Use videos in your marketing and you’ll see better results.


Using video as part of your overall strategy will drive down your cost per lead and also generate roofing leads from customers on YouTube.

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