7 Roofing Contractor Marketing Strategies

It happens far too often.

Roofing companies wait until the business gets slow, and then pours effort and money into roofing contractor marketing, only to stop marketing as soon as business picks up again.

This kind of haphazard, start/stop marketing is not only ineffective and inefficient, it’s often a waste of money and resources over the long term.

Below you’ll find a collection of roofing contractor marketing strategies, some of which are sadly underused, that will help you create sustainable and effective marketing over the long term.

Build a Content Plan

Content is much more than a blog or social media posts.

It’s a collection of assets used by your business to generate leads and create conversions. A content plan is exactly what it sounds like – a detailed and intentional plan for a specific period of time that describes exactly what material will be created, what its purpose is, and where it will be used.

The content you create must build trust, educate prospective customers and encourage leads to convert. When a comprehensive content plan is baked into your business, you always have a method for generating leads and maintaining contact with prospective customers, without the inefficiencies of start/stop marketing.

Own your Web Presence

In the early days, all you had to do was create a website. However the world has changed drastically, and the “if you build it they will come” model is fatally flawed.

Participating in rating and review sites, being active on social media, maintaining your business information on local web listings and regularly sharing relevant, value-focused content to prospects are fundamental to owning your web presence.

Be Flexible with your Lead Generation Tactics

Lead generation rarely comes from one source 100% of the time. The most effective forms of lead generation take advantage
of multiple channels, such as advertising, referral generation, and social media to create enough repetition, credibility, and trust to motivate a prospect to call or schedule an appointment.

Committing your roofing contractor marketing efforts to delivering value-focused content wherever and whenever possible is the key to making this work over the long term.

Have a Lead Conversion Process in Place

Many roofing contractors succeed in generating a steady stream of leads, but fail to have a process in place to convert those leads.

It’s essential to continue the positive experience the lead has had up to now, begun by the marketing, and nurture them along the path to being a customer.

Decisions concerning roofing often take months or longer, so having a path for the lead to follow as they get closer to making that decision is as important as the process of generating the lead in the first place.

Harness the Power of Video

Video is a powerful marketing tool that very few roofing contractors take full advantage of. You can invest in a professional production company to make a commercial video, or create lower-budget “how-to” videos to educate prospective customers (how to select a new roof, what to look for in a roofing contractor, etc.).

This kind of content – optimized for YouTube search – helps to build credibility and trust, encouraging visitors to become leads and eventually, customers.

Be Part of the Conversation

In today’s internet-driven world, what other customers say to each other about your business is as important as what you have to say yourself, maybe even more so.

Roofing companies are beginning to realize how important online rating and review sites are to lead generation and marketing in general.

Many prospective leads will now check reviews made on HomeAdvisor, Facebook, and Google, and base their decision largely on the experiences of other customers. For better or for worse, your customers are online talking about you – it would be in your best interest to be part of that conversation.

Make Marketing a Habit

Marketing is not an event. It has no end date. It must be built into the everyday structure of your roofing business if it’s going to succeed. The strategies we’ve discussed here work most effectively when they are implemented each and every day in a system, a continuous (but also flexible) process that never really ends – it evolves as your business grows.

Whether you use one or several of these strategies in combination, what matters is that you have some sort of strategy. It’s a harsh truth, but a roofing business without a strategy is a roofing business that’s set up to fail.

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