How To Use Content Marketing To Double Your Roof Sales

Content is king

This statement has been said for so many years by marketers that it’s become a cliche.

There is so much marketing content that it can be difficult to make compelling marketing content.

Fortunately, in the roofing space, there are so few roofers that are creating content on a consistent basis that it’s not that difficult to stand out.

There are so many roofing contractors that have decades of experience and knowledge. For some reason, they fail to share this knowledge with others.

Grant Cardone says that when you fail to share your expertise you are a selfish person.

I agree with him.

It’s our responsibility to teach others what we know.

The best way to do that is by creating and promoting content that educates first and sells second.

For the rest of the article, I am going to go over some strategies on how to create a roofing content marketing plan for your roofing business.

Define Your Audience

Before you start producing content you have to first define your audience.

You have to know who your target market is and how you plan to reach them.

If you are producing content for other contractors then they would be interested in different things.

However, if you want to sell more roofs, I recommend that you create content specifically for your homeowner or the commercial property owner.

Content for the homeowner in Florida is going to be different than content for the homeowner in Canada.

Property managers are going to be looking for different things than a homeowner would.

roofing content marketing Roofing Marketing Pros

Customer Avatar

When I ask contractors who their target market is I usually get a blank look. Most contractors have never thought about the psychographics and demographic profiles of their customers.

Psychographics is defined as the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.

Neil Patel does a great job comparing the two

To state it another way, demographics is about objective data, and psychographics is about subjective information. -Neil Patel

3 Questions that can help you develop a psychographic profile are the following:

  1. What are their interests?
  2. What activities do they participate in?
  3. What are their attitudes about _____?

You can go a lot deeper than this but if you get these questions answered you are off to a good start.

How can you get these questions answered?

By interviewing your customers.


Demographics is defined as “market segmentation according to age, race, religion, gender, family size, ethnicity, income, and education.

Demographics can be segmented into several markets to help an organization target its consumers more accurately.”

Once you have a good psychographic and demographic profile of your customers then you can start creating content for them.

Talk like the homeowner

If you are creating content make sure that you keep it simple and talk like you are talking to a 10 year old.

Many contractors make the mistake of talking like they are talking to other contractors.

Your decades of experience and knowledge can hurt you when you are creating content.

Keep it simple and talk like a 4th grader.

Videos or Blog Articles?

If you are a writer, then write blogs.

If you are comfortable in front of the camera then do videos.

I would recommend that you do both.

For some people, doing videos is natural to them.

It was not natural for me but I became better by practicing.

Videos are more powerful than articles because most people would rather watch a video than read an article.

Content Calendar

If you really want to maximize your results and make your life easier I would create a content calendar.

What is a content calendar?

It’s a schedule of the content that you will create.

When brainstorming topics it’s best to do this all at once. For example, I would set aside 30-60 minutes of writing down specific headlines or topics that you want to cover.

You can do this once or twice week, this way when the day starts you already know what you will be talking or writing about.

Advanced marketers recommend that you create different content for each specific channel. For example, Facebook would be different than Youtube, which would be different than Instagram.

I would not do this.

I would stick to creating content and repurposing the content you produce for each channel. If you are live streaming then you would use different devices to broadcast on each channel.

Repurpose Content

Repurposing content can save you a lot of time.

Coming up with new content is the biggest challenge that content marketers have. When you repurpose your content you’ll make your life easier.

For example, you can write an article on the different types of warranties you offer then do a video on the same topic.

I do this all the time with the articles I write and the videos I create.

The Buying Pyramid

Chet Holmes defines the Buying Pyramid as the following:

  1. Percent who are interested in buying “right now”
  2. Percent who are “open to considering such a purchase”
  3. The amount who are NOT thinking about it at this time
  4. Those who don’t “believe” they are interested (based on the info they have at hand)
  5. Those who are definitely NOT interested

You see, Chet polled audiences by the thousands during his live events. He asked for a show of hands if people were “in the market” for such things as tires, cars, home remodeling, carpeting, technology etc.

What he found as, across the boards, only 3% of any market is in the “buying mode” now….”

In roofing, this is the same. There is only a small percentage of people that are interested in a roof.

The most common reason that someone in the market for a new roof is because of storm damage.

One of the biggest benefits of creating daily content is that you’ll be able to reach more people that are in the bottom or in the middle of the buying cycle.

roofing content marketing Roofing Marketing Pros

Most roofing contractors only focus on the people that are already looking for a roofer.

When somebody gets damage to their roof who do you think they will contact?

The company they know or the stranger that knocks on their door?

We live in a commoditized world where consumers have unlimited options and the only way to stand out is by creating content and being your own media company.


Content is king.

There are few contractors that are producing content on a consistent basis.

This leaves the field wide open for a hungry person that is willing to share their knowledge.

It won’t be easy in the beginning but you will get better over time.

Content marketing is one of the best long-term strategies there is.

Gary V says that every business should their own media company.

If you take ownership and start producing content you will double your sales in a short time.

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