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9 Complex Types of Commercial Roofing Leads (and How to Navigate Them)

commercial roofing leads

For commercial roofers, leads can make or break the success of their business. Unfortunately, not all commercial roofing leads are easy to navigate. When an interaction with a potential lead fails, it results in wasted time and resources, as well as missed opportunities for commercial roofers. To ensure you’re making the most out of all of your available business contacts, here is a list of some of the trickiest types of commercial roofing leads and how to approach them properly.

1. “I just want a price.”

This commercial roofing lead is often too vague to provide any real information on the project. They may not know what they really need, or they simply don’t have time to explain all the details. Sometimes, these types of commercial roofing leads assume that all commercial roofs are the same and do not provide any indication of their particular needs. As a commercial roofer, you should make sure that you get enough information from this lead, such as the building and its history, so that you can properly assess the job and give them an accurate quote.

2. “I’m looking for something cheap.”

Although it’s important to keep costs down, commercial roofing projects are an investment that should be taken seriously. A commercial roofing lead who is only looking for the cheapest option might not be aware of all the potential issues that could arise from a less-than-optimal installation. It’s important to help them understand that these issues can trickle down to their employees, customers, and the overall reputation of their business, so it’s important to ensure that commercial roofing leads understand what they’re getting into.

3. “I’m in a rush.”

Commercial roofing projects can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated. By nature, a commercial roof requires special attention and care in order to ensure its longevity and proper protection from weather and other elements. If commercial roofing leads are expecting an unrealistic timeline or completion date, it could lead to rushed results that leave them with shoddy workmanship or expensive repairs down the line. It’s essential that commercial roofers explain all the steps involved in completing their project so that commercial roofing leads can come to a reasonable, informed decision about how long the job will take.

4. “I’ve been talking to other companies.”

Although these commercial roofing leads may have been talking to other commercial roofers, it’s important for them to understand that not all commercial roofers are created equal. Ask questions about the other companies they’ve talked to and inform these commercial roofing leads of any potential red flags in their conversations with those contractors. Explain why your company is the best fit for their project and how you can ensure a successful outcome for both parties.

5. “I have a friend (or relative) in the business.”

Commercial roofing leads who have a friend or relative in the commercial roofing business may expect preferential treatment or discounts. While this is understandable, it’s important to explain that commercial roofers are running a business and must provide fair prices for their services. Explain that your company is committed to providing top-notch service with respect to both quality and cost, and make sure commercial roofing leads understand that you value their business regardless of any prior connections they may have.

6. “I just bought this property; why is the roof so bad?”

Commercial roofing leads who are new owners of commercial properties may not always be familiar with commercial roofing, the building, and its history. It’s important to explain the basics of commercial roof maintenance and how to properly care for a commercial roof. Explain why their property may have been neglected in the past, and educate them on the proper steps they should take to protect their commercial roof in the future and ensure its longevity. Make sure you get enough information from these commercial roofing leads, such as the age of the building and any previous repairs done, to understand what kind of work needs to be done.

7. “I’m not sure if I need a new roof.”

When commercial roofing leads aren’t sure if they need a new commercial roof or commercial roof repairs, it’s important to explain the differences between the two services and how each can benefit their business. Explain any red flags that may indicate they need a new commercial roof, such as frequent leaks or damaged material, and advise them of all the options available to get their commercial roof back in great shape. By understanding all their choices, these commercial roofing leads will be better informed when making decisions about their commercial roofs.

8. “I’m not sure I can afford this.”

Commercial roofing leads who are worried about their commercial roofing budget should be reassured that there are several financing options available to help them get the job done. Explain all the different ways commercial roofers can help commercial roofing leads finance their commercial roofs, such as government grants or assistance programs, and give an estimate of how much their commercial roofing project may cost. Offering these commercial roofing leads dependable payment plan options will make it easier for them to move forward with a commercial roofer they trust.

9. “I’m not sure what type of commercial roof I need.”

Commercial roofers should be prepared to answer any questions commercial roofing leads may have about the commercial roofs they need. Depending on their budget and the size of their commercial property, commercial roofers can explain the different types of commercial roofs available and how each material will benefit their business. Explain which options are best for their building’s climate and give an estimate of how long each type of commercial roof should last. Commercial roofers should also make sure potential roofing leads understand all the steps involved in completing a commercial roof installation or repair so that they can come to a reasonable, informed decision about which solution is best for them.


There is actually no such thing as a “bad” commercial roofing lead. Every commercial roofer should strive to understand the needs, concerns and questions of each inquiring customer before jumping straight into a sales pitch. By taking the time to listen and address each potential commercial roofing lead’s issues, commercial roofers will be able to build trust with customers and create successful commercial roofing projects.

With effective communication, commercial roofers can ensure that commercial roofing leads are comfortable with their decision and confident in the services they will receive. A healthy relationship between commercial roofs and commercial leads is key for successful projects that meet customer expectations. By understanding the most common questions commercial roofers hear from potential clients, they can better prepare themselves to work with any type of customer.

Conversely, it’s also important as a roofer to do your research and ask detailed questions in order to assess each job properly, give an accurate quote, and provide top-notch service. Doing so will help ensure that you attract more high-quality commercial roofing leads who understand the value of investing in your quality commercial roofing services.

By providing quality information and education on commercial roofs while meeting these commercial roofing leads’ needs and expectations, you can build trust with them and show why your company is the best choice for commercial roofing projects.

The Importance of Qualifying Leads

Qualifying commercial roofing leads is an important step in attracting and securing more commercial roofing contracts. By understanding the needs of each commercial roofing lead, you can assess their project accurately and provide them with the best possible solution to meet their needs. This will help build trust between commercial roofers and commercial roofing leads, which will result in more successful projects for everyone involved.

With these tips, commercial roofers can ensure they are qualified commercial roofing leads who are ready to commit to their projects. Doing this will help increase business opportunities while making sure commercial roofs are properly taken care of in the process.

Get More Commercial Roofing Leads!

Navigating commercial roofing leads can be tricky, but by understanding the common issues that arise from these types of inquiries, commercial roofers can better assess each lead and determine if a project is one they should pursue. By providing quality customer service as well as being upfront about pricing and expectations, commercial roofers can gain leads who are more likely to become great customers and loyal partners.

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