What The Future Will Look Like For Roofing Companies Online

Dallas Is The Future For Roofing Marketing Online Over the last few years, the costs to advertise on Google & Facebook have substantially increased. It used to cost .25 to reach 1000 people on Facebook. Now, that number is which is 50 times the price. Facebook is running out of [...]

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Old Way vs. New Way: Why The Construction Space Needs To Change

There is a battle today in the construction world. The internet has disrupted the construction industry and many companies are having a hard time adjusting to this new world. The Pain vs. Pleasure Principle People are more likely to avoid pain than seek pleasure If you understand this psychological principle [...]

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The Battle of The Titans: Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads

The Battle of The Titans: Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads Which channel is best for my roofing company? The two channels that dominate online advertising are AdWords and Facebook Ads. These two channels make up 63% of the digital ad market. Google’s advertising revenue was an incredible 35 billion in [...]

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Become The Roofing Expert With A Lead Magnet

A roofer is a marketer that sells roofs. How many roofing contractors have this mindset? If you think you are a marketer that sells roofs your mindset will change completely. If you think with a marketing first perspective you’ll understand the value of differentiation. What makes you different than all [...]

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How To Build A Roofing Customer Acquisition System

Storm season comes every year for roofing contractors. However, when and where the storm hits and the severity change every year. There are many roofing contractors that have relied on big storms to generate most of their business. Once the work dries up they have to rely on other channels [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Roofing Leads

Are you tired of lead brokers selling you crappy roofing leads? This is one of the biggest challenges that roofers face. I’ve surveyed over 100 roofing business owners and found that generating a consistent flow of high-quality roofing leads is one of the biggest challenges. Finding someone that can sell [...]

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