Learn amazing step by step strategies and processes of some of the most successful roofing companies in the industry!
  • Marketing: Insight into some of our client's top campaigns
  • Appointment Setting: How to set appointments from digital leads
  • Branding: Become the Bob Villa of your neighborhood
  • Sales: Develop a process that converts digital leads
  • Social Media Advertising: Get people to know, like, & trust you
  • Retail vs. Insurance: Learn how to use digital marketing for both industries

Sample Training Videos From RMPU

Google Ads Training

Facebook Ads Training


What Do You Get With RMPU?

RMPU was created to help roofing companies learn how to build and run a thriving business from some of the most successful roofing companies and operators in the roofing industry!
  • Marketing Mindset: Learn about the importance of mindset and how it will be the foundation for marketing success.
  • Marketing Fundamentals: Understand the fundamentals of marketing so that you can be successful with any approach you take in promoting and marketing your business.
  • Online Reputation Management: Your online reputation is a critical factor in your sales and marketing success and in this module you will learn how to ensure your reputation stays positive.
  • Google Ads Training: Basic overview of Google Ads so you can understand the principles and how ads can help grow your business.
  • Facebook Ads Training: How to setup Facebook Ads to generate leads, recruit all stars, and build your brand.
  • SEO Fundamentals: Understand the importance of SEO and how it fits into your digital marketing strategy.
  • Lead Conversion Tactics: How to convert leads from the internet so you do not waste your marketing efforts.
  • Outsourcing Strategies: How to outsource your marketing and how to find the right digital marketer for your business.
  • Conversion Based Landing Pages: How to set up landing pages in ClickFunnels and Unbounce to convert traffic from Google and Facebook into leads.
  • Branding 101 For Your Business: How to build your personal and business brand on Google and Facebook to get higher quality leads than the competition.

10 Modules. 65 Lessons.

The Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Roofing Business

Over the past 2.5 years of serving some of the largest roofing companies in the nation, we've learned how to run some of the most effective roofing-specific lead generation campaigns on the internet. RMP University is something we originally created to train our internal employees & top clients on our best practices. Now we are sharing it with you. Enroll now and level up your team today.

What Members Are Saying About RMPU

Training For Your Employees

Turn your roofing business into a well-oiled machine by getting all of your people trained daily and measured.

  At the end of every training (each is about 2 - 10 minutes long), there will be a quiz that they must pass to mark that training as complete. You, as the admin, will have a dashboard to see all of your employees and which trainings they've gone through, quizzes they've taken and passed, and notes they've taken.  

Hold your team accountable to getting better and more knowledgable every day!

Recommended Tools and Services

As you've grown your business, you've probably learned about new, time-saving, money-making tools along the way that help you run a more efficient business.

We've interviewed the Top 5% of the roofing companies we work with to learn which tools, software, vendors, and apps they use in their companies.

Then, we've reached out to those companies to negotiate incredible deals that are exclusive to RMPU members and Roofing Marketing Pros clients, as you're automatically preferred vendors when you join!

LIVE Coaching Calls and Support

Each week, there will be LIVE group coaching calls with Mauricio Cardenal, his team, and/or other incredible consultants that represent thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the roofing space. 

 This is where we can review campaign submissions to explain why something may not be working as well as you'd like, while also providing recommendations to get better results in those particular areas. 

  Each coaching call will be themed for a particular category such as sales, marketing, advertising, retention, etc.