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5 Ways To Generate Leads In A Non Storm Market
Feb 10

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market

By Mauricio Cardenal | roofing leads

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non-Storm Market

Leads are a premium in a non-storm environment.

In the midwest and other regions storm season always brings lots of opportunities for leads, sales, and jobs.

How about if you work in a city that doesn’t have regular storms?

How would you generate leads for your roofing business if the weather is not that big of a factor?

A lot of contractors that are not in a storm environment have to set up systems that will allow them to generate lots of leads for their business.

Even though there are about 24,000 roofing companies in the USA alone, this is not really enough to cover every roof of a building.

Many young people are not encouraged to enter the trades which has put the labor market in short supply.

This means that for many contractors, they’ve relied on the low competition of their marketplace to generate new business for them.

But if you are in a more competitive environment you need to step up and have your company become the lead generation hub.

By implementing the following systems this will make your business less dependent on the weather to generate new leads and customers.

Branding is important

The more you invest in your branding the easier it will be to sell roofs. Every lead generation strategy will be easier if you have a branding strategy as well.

Of the clients that we have worked with, the more they have invested in their branding the better results they get online.

This means that they have more videos, reviews, testimonials, case studies etc…

Here are 5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non-Storm Market

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market

Google AdWords

Besides Door Knocking and referrals, search engine marketing is the #1 way that most contractors use to generate leads for their business online.

According to my research (I used SpyFu), there are at least 550 roofing companies in the US alone that are spending at least $1,000 a month on AdWords.

The vast majority are not even doing a good job.

The #1 mistake that contractors make using AdWords sending paid traffic to the homepage of their website instead of a landing page.

Landing pages are designed to convert and will significantly improve the quality and reduce the cost per lead.

With AdWords, you can target people at the top of the buying cycle. These people have a problem (roof damage, roofing leak, settled an insurance claim) and you as a contractor are there to solve their problem.

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market

Facebook Ads

In a non-storm environment, it’s best to take a value-first approach with Facebook Ads. This means that you need to create a marketing campaign that educates, entertains, and ultimately makes them an offer.

With Facebook Ads, most contractors confuse boosting posts on their Facebook page as a marketing campaign.

It’s more complicated than just boosting posts on Facebook.

You have to build a marketing funnel takes your prospects on a journey in which they become aware of your service to ultimately becoming a prospect/lead.

Facebook Groups

A quick and easy to generate leads is to post on different Facebook groups.

Here are the steps you should take to start posting content on Facebook.

  • Go to the Groups section on Facebook.
  • Type in your city and look for a Facebook group that is active.
  • Join the group and start posting content

Posting ideas

  • Post pictures of your recently completed work
  • Offer a referral discounts to any referrals
  • Post videos and any other type of content.

It’s important to remember to be consistent with this approach. You might not get anything the first couple of times but if you keep at it I’m sure you will get some results.

Not many roofers that are doing this right now so you should start implementing this strategy before your Facebook group gets crowded and the strategy won’t be as effective anymore.

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

A good SEO strategy will form the foundation of having a strong and robust online presence.

There are two main components of a strong SEO strategy. Off-page SEO, which involves backlinking, citations, etc…and On-Page SEO which involves having your website optimized for SEO.

SEO usually has the greatest ROI but it takes more time to see results. Most contractors are not patient enough to stay the course until results are there.

In a lot of these small cities with low competition, it doesn’t take much work to rank your website. Once you have your website ranked you can generate a ton of leads without having to pay any advertising.

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Video marketing is becoming more and more important as people consume more videos.

Video tends to convert better than text.

This means that the vast majority of people would rather watch a video than reading the text. If you can create your message in a video you’ll see better results.

The vast majority of contractors ignore Youtube so the competition is low. Oftentimes it’s much easier to rank a video on Google than it is to rank an article.

This is why I always recommend that all my clients create as much video content as they can.

You can create videos and repost them on Facebook and your Youtube channels.


Leads are a premium in a non-storm market. Any of these strategies will get you significant results for your business.

These are strategies are even more effective when a storm hits. People will be searching for roofing services a lot more when there is a storm.

It’s prudent not to rely on a single marketing channel for your leads. This puts your business in a perilous position.

If you diversify as many lead channels as you can you can see better results and create a stronger foundation for your business.

If you want to implement any of these strategies for your business then we should talk.

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Roofing Contractors: Avoid This Deadly Mistake
Dec 19

Roofing Contractors: Avoid This Deadly Mistake

By Mauricio Cardenal | roofing leads

One of the biggest mistakes that roofing contractors make is relying on a single channel for new customers.

Word of mouth and referrals is the most common channel that roofers use to generate leads.

However, when you rely on a single channel you put your business in a perilous position.

If you are fine with relying on referrals to grow your business and don’t need more work then you should stop reading here.

This post is written for roofing companies that want to grow and dominate.

Referrals and word of mouth leads is the most common channel that contractors use to grow their business.

These are the type of best type of opportunities. The problem with referrals that unless you have a large customer base or have a systemized process to get more referrals, the number of referrals you get on a month to month basis will be unpredictable.

Single Point of Failure

When building a foundation of a building you can’t rely on a single point of failure. There are multiple points of failure to ensure the safety of a building.

The same is true for your business.

If you rely on a single source for your lead generation your business will be on a shaky foundation.

By relying on a single channel for growth you are not in control of your destiny.

Having multiple lead channels is the best way to grow your business and build a strong foundation.

Marketing is always changing.

What works one day might not work in a few months.

Online marketing is constantly evolving.

Right now the two hottest platforms are AdWords and Facebook. However, this might change in a few years.

By the way, the internet constantly changes this might not be the case in a few years.

Number of Channels

A good rule of thumb is that the more lead generation channels you have working for your business the stronger your foundation will be.

When you have multiple lead channels working you’ll have multiple points of failure. This way you are protected with any future changes.

The thing that most contractors don’t understand that in order to get a lot of referrals you need to have a large customer base.

The only way to build that customer base is by marketing & selling.

For many contractors, marketing was once done through newspapers and the yellow pages.

Now it’s online.

The point is that if you want to generate a lot of referrals you have to consistently build that customer base.

The more people you market to the more people will eventually become customers and then references.

Which Channel has the best ROI?

The only way to know the answer to this question is by tracking everything.

You must track how many leads each channel generates and how many of those leads turned into a sale.

Conversions are the #1 metric that you should measure.

Tracking conversions are best done using a CRM.

A good CRM allows you to track each lead source and create a pipeline of the number of deals each lead source generates.

At the end of each month, you’ll have a good understanding of what channel provided the greatest ROI.

Obviously, some commercial deals will have a longer sales cycle so it will take a longer time to see a return.

Some of our clients measure the effectiveness of a channel by keeping track of the number of deals in the pipeline.

There are CRMs that provide a visual representation of the revenue in the pipeline.

Roofing Contractors Mistake


Once you know which channel provides the greatest ROI then it’s time to scale. With online marketing, it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

You can spend more on AdWords and Facebook to get more leads.

If you are relying on canvassing you have to hire more people.


Once you have multiple channels that are consistently generating leads for your business I would recommend that you invest in branding.

This can come in the form of creating a video commercial for your business, sponsorships, charity events, etc.

All these things will help you increase conversions. As the world keeps becoming more commoditized, branding will be even more important.

This means that image and perception are everything.


In an earlier video, I explored all the different ways that you can use to generate leads for your business.

When you have multiple channels that are generating leads for your business you will have a strong foundation.

Nothing is certain as an entrepreneur but by having multiple lead generation channels for your business you’ll take greater control of your destiny.

Roofing Leads Following Up
Oct 09

Roofing Leads Are Worthless Without Following Up

By Mauricio Cardenal | roofing leads

Do you know what separates the clients that see massive success with our program vs those that see only mediocre results?

In all my 4 years of running marketing and lead generation campaigns, lead response time and follow-up systems are the biggest factors in conversions.

One cannot go without the other.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with roofing entrepreneurs is not having a follow-up system in place for every lead.

Leads are worthless without a follow-up system.

Here are some stats that make the case of the importance of follow-up:

  • 80% of sales require five follow-up phone calls after the meeting. [Source: The Marketing Donut]
  • 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up.
  • The average salesperson only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect.   [Source: Sirius Decisions]  
  • Research shows that 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. [Source:]
  • If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them.

In my experience, most salespeople say they follow-up and make an attempt but when they actually track their actions it’s a lot lower than they say it is.

The reason why this happens is that our memories are unreliable.

This is why it’s important that you track everything.

The best way to track your leads, your sales results, your quotes, and your calls is by using a CRM.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a software that allows managing the relationships in your business. It’s called a Customer Relationship Management.

Every sales organization, and that includes every roofing business, should be using a CRM.

I’d bet that a large percentage of roofing companies don’t even use a CRM. Having a CRM is critically important to your success in converting sales.

Why You Track Everything with a CRM

  • How do you know which channel brings you the best leads?
  • How many calls have you made to that prospect?
  • How many emails have you sent?

These are the questions that a CRM can answer for you.

Having a CRM and using it on a daily basis allows you to track your actions and organize your prospects.

This data is critically important in understanding what is working in your business and what’s not.

Data is king.

Having data allows you to make decisions on what is actually working in your business.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

CRM’s in the roofing space that has been recommended before are JobNimbus, iRoofing, and AccuLynx.

I can not recommend any because I have not used any of these tools but I have heard good things.

Maybe some people can chime on what they recommend for their own business.

The Importance of Lead Response Time

We live in an instant gratification world.

Every time somebody becomes a lead you have only a few critical minutes before that lead disappears forever.

There are many studies that show that lead response time is the most important factor in conversions.

According to the study done a few years ago

“The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times. The odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.”

From the same study

“The odds drop off dramatically by the first 30 minutes.  Specifically, a rep is 100x less likely to make contact if the first call is made 30 minutes after submission. The odds of making contact drop by 3000x if the first call is made 5 hours after lead submission.”

Even if you have a system that allows you to respond to every lead fast the game does not stop there.

You need to also have a follow-up system in place after each appointment.

Most sales will be made in the follow-up.

One cannot go without the other.

You need to not only respond to every lead but you also need to follow-up with every lead even after each appointment

Over 80% of the sales are made after 5 follow-up attempts.


Lead generation is only ½ the solution. The ½ of the solution is having a sales system in place that allows converting leads.

This is why my clients have had different results from our marketing campaigns.

The things that we’ve found that made the biggest difference are lead response time and follow-up.

7 Deadly Mistakes in a Roofing Lead Generation Campaign
Sep 07

7 Deadly Mistakes In A Roofing Lead Generation Campaign

By Mauricio Cardenal | roofing leads

In any roofing lead generation campaign, you must overcome several objections before somebody decides to take action and contact you.

Whether they come from social media or search (paid or organic) a prospect has to believe certain things before they take action.

They have to believe you are credible.
They have to believe what you say.
And they have to believe you are capable of solving their problem.

In simple terms it’s these three things:

  • Credibility
  • Believability
  • Capability

The way to overcome these objections is by doing three things.

  • Claim- claim that you can fix their problem
  • Proof – provide proof of your claim by providing testimonials, case studies etc..
  • Benefit- explain the benefits of your work and how it would solve their problems/challenges

Let’s face it.

Nobody gives a crap about the roof on their buildings.

They only care about how a roofing company can help solve their problems with their building/home/claim/leak. etc…


These three things are the holy grail of marketing. If you have these three elements in your marketing you’ll overcome every objection.

Most people are skeptical online. Over 80% of advertising is ignored by consumers. People have been bombarded by advertising for so long that it takes more effort than ever before to overcome this skepticism.

In roofing, you have to overcome the stigma of storm chasers and fly by night contractors.

This is why when you make a claim you have to provide proof of your claim and then explain the benefits of this claim.

There are several things a roofing business can do to increase conversions and stand out in your market.

These strategies all have the elements of a Claim. Proof and Benefit.

Here are  7 Deadly Mistakes In A Roofing Lead Generation Campaign

1. Not having Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the easiest ways to prove your credibility. There are two types of testimonials. Written and video. Video testimonials are much better than written because it’s harder to fake a video testimonial than a written testimonial.

When creating a testimonial you should follow the star, story, solution formula. This is a copywriting formula that puts your prospect in the shoes of your client.

Here’s how it works…

      • Star- The story of your customer. Who they are, and what problem they had before meeting you.
      • Story- the challenge/problem they had before meeting you
      • Solution- the solution you provided them after working with you.

Ideally, a business should have several different types of testimonials one for each customer avatar.

In roofing, you have several customer avatars. Homeowners, property managers, commercial property owners, etc all have different needs and desires.

Depending on the market you are after your testimonial should reflect one of these avatars.

For a commercial roofing company, a well-written testimonial can be like this:

“We are a property management company and are very picky with who we work on our buildings. We have good contractors that we work with but they were too busy to take on our new projects. We had several ongoing repair projects for our buildings. Texas Commercial came recommend from an associate and we’ve had a tremendous experience. They did an inspection within 24 hours and provided a report and an estimate. We highly recommend their work and will continue to use them in our commercial projects.”

If you have real, written and video testimonials like this, you’ll see huge improvements on your marketing campaigns.

These types of written testimonials are exactly what these type of customers are looking for.

2. Not having Case Studies

A case study is defined as a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

A case study is one of the most powerful ways to provide proof of your expertise. The more case studies you have the better. A case study is like a more beefed up version of a testimonial.

A well-written case study will have the following elements:

      • About- history of the company or person you worked with
      • Problem/Challenge- the problem/challenge they had before working with you
      • Solution- the solution you provided and how you did it
      • Results- the results of your work

In roofing, these work very well on the commercial side. You’ll give a brief history of the company you worked with, the problem they had, the solution you provided, and then the results of your work with images and video.

Case studies will make your business stand out and be more credible.

3. Not having Drone Images

Drone images are far superior to any other type of image because it gives a wide parameter of the scope of the job.

Not many roofing companies have drone images of their work. By having these images you will stand out in a positive way.

Drone images can also speed up the claim cycle times.

roofing lead

4. Not having Online Reviews

Online reviews are like the new referrals of the digital age. One of the first things a person does after talking with you is to research your business online.

Over 88% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. Online reviews can be difficult to obtain but they provide social proof of your work.

Reviews will make your business more credible and believable.

One trick you can use is to include Google or Facebook reviews on your landing pages. These are hard to fake and will increase the conversion rates of your campaigns.

5. Not having a commercial Video

This one isn’t necessary but I would definitely recommend that you do it. A video commercial of your company can serve wonders in increasing the conversion rates of your campaigns.

Centimark did a great job with their video. You can check it out here:

roofing lead

Another example of a well made commercial is here:

Roofing Commercial

These type of videos will increase the credibility of your company. On average, videos tend to convert better than the written word.

I highly recommend that you create a video like this and use it on all your web properties. This will make you stand out from every other roofing company in your market.

6. Not having Images of You and Your Business

You should include real images of you and your employees. Images of working on a roof or at a charity, or in the office all serve to provide a warm feeling of authenticity.

An image like Beldon has on their homepage is great:

roofing lead

These type of images will let prospects know that you are a real company. These things will help overcome the skepticism that people have online and increase conversion rates.

7. Not having Certifications & Associations

People want to work with experts. The more certifications you have the more credible you’ll look in the eyes of your prospects.

Things like HAAG, GAF, Owens Corning, Weather Stopper all can serve as proof of your expertise.

roofing lead

Being a member of different roofing associations like NRCA and others can also bolster your credibility.

Over to you.

What things have you used in your marketing campaigns to improve the conversion rate?

Roofing Leads
Aug 16

The Ultimate Guide To Roofing Leads

By Mauricio Cardenal | roofing leads

Are you tired of lead brokers selling you crappy roofing leads?

This is one of the biggest challenges that roofers face. I’ve surveyed over 100 roofing business owners and found that generating a consistent flow of high-quality roofing leads is one of the biggest challenges.

Finding someone that can sell you roofing leads is not a challenge. However, finding people that you can trust is.

The Ultimate Guide To Roofing Leads

The best solution is to trust yourself and your knowledge.

All these strategies that I am laying out have been proven to work. Some channels are superior to others but this doesn’t mean that you won’t see results with each channel.

First, let’s define what a lead is.

“A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings and other marketing efforts.”

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to maximize the number of online and offline channels. Word of mouth and referrals are still by far the best way to get customers. However, if you only rely on referrals it can be tough to scale your business quickly.

There are channels available that can crush word of mouth leads in terms of quantity. However, nothing will ever beat referrals in terms of quality.

This is why you want a healthy mix of quality and quantity to drive new business and make sales.

If your business is not growing it’s dying. It’s as simple as that.

Now, let’s look at 23 ways to generate roofing leads. We’ll start with the offline strategies first.


Referrals AKA “Word of mouth”

Nothing is ever going to beat referrals in terms of the quality of the leads. Referrals pay the most, stay with you the longest, and are the easiest to convert.

The problem with referrals is that a lot of roofers use it as a crutch for new business opportunities.In fact, I’d estimate that 80% of service based business rely on referrals as the only way to grow a business.

Another challenge is creating a system that consistently generates new referrals. But, before you can get referrals you must provide a service that is worthy of being referred to.

Here are 5 strategies you can use to generate more referrals.

  1. Create a referral program with complimentary providers: You should create a network of complementary providers that sell to the same audience as you. You can incentivize these businesses by providing a referral fee for each new customer they bring to your business.
  2. Ask your current customers: This is common sense but a lot of business owners neglect to ask their customers for referrals. You should create a system in which all of your employees systematically ask for referrals after a job is done.
  3. Add a link to a form on your website for referral submissions.
  4. Give referrals: The best way to get something is to give something first.
  5. Offer a referral commission: Offer a referral commission to anyone that refers a customer to you.

Canvassing/Door Knocking

Canvassing/Door Knocking is probably the most common outbound lead generation strategy. It’s an effective strategy that requires discipline and focus.

There still nothing that beats a face to face meeting. The most common strategy is to canvass an entire area after a storm. You know the people that were hit qualify for an insurance settlement.

roofing leads

However, with canvassing there is a stigma attached to many people. Many people won’t do business with a person that knocks on their property. This stigma will only increase as people continue to turn to the internet for buying and research decisions.

Here are a few strategies you can use that can help your employees become more effective door knockers:

  • Be prepared for anything
  • Set clear objectives: Appointment, contact information, or sale
  • Have a proven script ready
  • Follow Up

Direct Mail

Despite the naysayers, direct mail is as strong as ever. People are much more likely to open a direct mail piece than 20 years ago when junk mail was an all time high.

There are actually some advantages from direct mail to email that you should consider:

  • 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened, only 20-30 percent of email gets opened on a good day.
  • The response rate to direct mail pieces is 3.7 percent, as opposed to 2 percent mobile, 1 percent email, 1 percent social media, and 0.2 percent internet display.
  • 70 percent of consumers preferred traditional mail for receiving unsolicited offers from companies
  • U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold; a 1,300 percent return

There are fundamentals that you should follow when creating a direct mail campaign. The effectiveness of your campaign will come down to three things with the first being the most important: list, offer, and copy.

The quality of your list will make or break a campaign. If you are targeting commercial property owners, you should first create a commercial property database that can serve as your marketing foundation.

Once you have a database you can send them a direct mail piece. When you send the direct mail piece you’ll know that it is being sent to the right person.

Now, let’s talk about your offer.

There are a few things you can do with your offer. Your offer can be to fix any leak they have. Ask them if they have any leaks that no one has been able to fix and offer to fix it for free.

You can do this because you know this will lead to more opportunities down the road.

You can also create a direct mail campaign and offer a free dinner event. You can invite them to a “commercial property symposium”

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a popular strategy among commercial roofers. Cold calling has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades.

According to Chet Holmes, it takes twice as much effort today to make an appointment with someone as it did 10 years ago.

The effectiveness of this strategy will depend on how well you target. This is why it’s crucial before attempting this strategy to create a commercial property database.

This database will allow you to solicit the decision makers of all the commercial properties in your area. Here are the steps I would take in a cold calling campaign:

  1. Call the people in your database and ask if they would like to receive a package. The package would be a booklet about something they would find valuable. It can be commercial property related.
  2. Send the package to the people that said yes
  3. Follow-up with every person that received a package and set appointments. The appointments can be related to something educational
  4. Make an offer- It can be something to fix their worst leak for free. This can be used for future business

Strategic Partnerships

There are thousands of professionals in your city that can potentially refer you business. You can set up meetings with fellow tradesman and set up strategic partnerships.

There are several contractor alliance groups that you might consider joining too.

You can monetize these relationships to drive more opportunities to your business.


In his book Never Eat Alone, Keith Fazzari talks about the three most important aspects of networking:

  • Relationships aren’t like cake, they’re like muscles.
  • You must build your network long before you need it.
  • How you spend time with people is much more important than how much time you spend with them.

In the construction industry, it can be tough to network as people are naturally skeptical. I had a tough time networking when I started my business because I had the wrong mindset.

It’s about being a friend first and seeing how you can help the other person and not expecting anything in return. Here are some great ways that you can network in your city:


Is the world’s largest professional networking group. You should consider joining a group in your city. BNI is made exclusively for professionals that are looking to refer, you customers. BNI works on an exclusive basis, which means that there can only be on roofer per group.

Networking with BlueBook

Bluebook has a traveling networking event specially made for people in the construction industry.

Each event is a single day and allows the opportunity for people to meet the key decision makers in your space.

You can meet:

  • GC’s
  • Facility Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial building owners
  • Architects

It’s a free event so the only thing that it will cost you is your time. You should definitely check it out especially if there is an event in your city.

roofing leads

Trade Shows

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, B2B marketers used 39.2 percent of their budget on exhibitions in 2011.

It can be tough to stand out in a trade show, especially when some of your competitors have bigger booths and a bigger presence.

But despite this, there are severals things you can do to stand out at a trade show and get more qualified leads.

  1. Give something unusual away- Instead of giving away the same corporate crap of pens, notebooks, and coffee mugs, why not give something away that is unusual? It can be socks, headphones, or even Rubik’s cubes.
  2. Host a party- if you host a party and make it a “VIP” experience you’ll stand out from everyone.
  3. Follow-Up- Of all the hundreds of companies that I’ve met at trade shows only less than 5% actually have an email follow-up system. Most sales are made in the follow-up. It’s your job to follow-up with all your leads in a systematic way.


Telemarketing is one of the most popular ways to generate leads in the roofing industry. Most telemarketing companies in this space will sell you a lead package of leads. The more leads you buy the lower the cost per lead.

The success or failure of these types of campaigns seems to depend on the quality of the company. I’ve heard mixed results from telemarketing.

Local Seminars

You can host local seminars that are education based. You can create a campaign in which you identify your top commercial prospects in your city and invite them to a free seminar.

You can also host seminars for your local networking groups.

You can join your local chamber of commerce and offer them to host seminars for their group. Most of the members you’ll meet in a Local Chamber of Commerce are local business owners and professionals. This is a great way to generate roofing leads because it will position you as an expert and authority in what you are selling.

Host A Free Dinner

Similar to the local seminar strategy, in this case, you would be hosting a free dinner. You can identify your top commercial prospects and invite them to a free dinner. You can call it a “Commercial Property Symposium”


Pay Per Click AKA Search Engine Marketing

One of the most powerful ways to generate roofing leads is through pay-per-click on AdWords. You can almost see instant results with an AdWords campaign.

The best thing about AdWords is that most of the leads you will get are going to be inbound phone calls.

According to Forbes, inbound phone leads have a 1000% of converting vs. any other type of lead.

PPC works great for both commercial roofing leads and residential roofing leads. However, it AdWords is not the ideal strategy for all roofing businesses.

roofing leads

Is AdWords a for my Roofing Business?

It depends.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before starting any campaign:

  • If you want only commercial roofing leads then you need to make sure that the market you cover has a high population of at least 1 million or more.
  • A company that does both commercial and residential has an advantage vs. one that only does one. This is because the way people search when looking for roofing services.
  • Do you have the infrastructure in place to handle inbound phone calls? The main reason why these types of campaigns fail is because of a slow lead response time. If you can’t answer the phone then these leads will be much more difficult to qualify.

I wrote an article on generating roofing leads from AdWords that you should read.


Is an incredibly powerful long-term marketing strategy that has gotten a bad reputation in the roofing industry. This comes from the expectations of the client and the skills of the SEO people.

In reality, getting good results from SEO in the roofing space is not that difficult. It just takes time and patience. There are lots of documented success stories with SEO in the roofing space.

Local SEO

According to MOZ, the two most important factors in getting organic rankings are link signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 29% and on-page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 24%

When it comes to SEO there are two main things you have to look at. First, is on-page SEO and the second is off-page SEO.

On Page SEO is making sure you have the correct NAP (name, address, phone number) on your website. It’s also about having the right title tags, meta tags, and keywords on each part of your website.

Off page SEO– links to your site are the most important part in getting rankings. If you create a campaign that focused on these two important strategies you’ll get results.

Content Marketing

Creating content that is educational can be an awesome way to build authority in the eyes of your prospects. It also doesn’t mean only content that is the written word. It can be videos, images, and listings.

If you are creating a blog post you can just easily create a video with the same content.

In fact, it’s often easier to rank for a video than an article.

Facebook Advertising

If you are a residential roofing contractor and you are not using Facebook Advertising you might be missing a huge opportunity. Facebook has some distinct advantages versus other channels.

Facebook allows you to target your ideal customer based on location, demographics, and interest.

Value First With Facebook

With Facebook, you have to approach with a value-first mindset.

Facebook is a social gathering where friends hang out and chat.

If people don’t know your business then it’s like being at a party and a stranger comes up to you and tries to sell you life insurance.

If you are at a party you are most likely there to hang out with your friends and NOT buy life insurance.

How would you feel if someone did that?

It’s the same thing with Facebook.

The best way strategy on Facebook is to create a piece of content that your target audience will find valuable and then offer it as bait to get a person’s contact information.

From there, you can create a sales funnel that drives new leads to a call.

Interactive Hail Maps

A unique way to drive more leads from Facebook is to use a software like Interactive Hail Maps to target specific neighborhoods that have been hit by hail. This is an easy way to target the lowest hanging fruit.

roofing leads

You can create a simple video ad saying that your neighborhood has been recently hit by a storm and you might be eligible for a free roof.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the effective ways to drive new roofing leads to your business. You can create email campaigns only for your database or create a cold-email business to business email campaigns.

Here are some stats that show you the power of email marketing:

  • Email makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.
  • According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.
  • Email marketing has much higher conversion rates than social media

For a residential campaign, I would send weekly or bi-weekly newsletters that are educational. This will keep your business on top-of-mind.

For a commercial email marketing campaign, I would first a create commercial property database. Then I would create a systematic way to reach out to those prospects using email.

There are two main things that can make or break your email campaign.

Email deliverability and email list. You have to make sure that your emails are getting delivered and that your list is accurate.

Your emails will not be relevant if you are not sending emails to the right person.

Fix A Leak

The best way to create a relationship with these building owners is to offer to fix a leak they have that no other roof has been able to fix for free. Most of these commercial building owners have pre-existing relationships with other roofers. This is why you have to give value by demonstrating your competence.

This offer can lead to more opportunities.


Linkedin is one of the best ways to generate B2B leads. It has over 467 million members and the demographics is made of professionals that are high-earners.

With Linkedin, you have the entire global professional network to view. You can identify your core prospects, positioning yourself as an authority and, reach out to your targets in a systematic way.

The key thing with Linkedin is that once you connect with someone you have access to their contacts and also have their personal contact information.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor has a bad reputation among the contractors that I have spoken to. They offer a $300 setup fee and a 12-month commitment. On a monthly basis, you can pay for however many leads you want.

I think it was about $80-$100/lead on a pay per lead basis.

The big drawback to this strategy is that these leads are not exclusive. They sell these leads to your competitors.

This puts in a perilous position in which you are not in control of your message and image. When a homeowner asks for bids from different contractors it’s usually a waste of time in trying to convert those leads.

You’re better off making your business the hub for roofing lead generation.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List was recently bought by Home Advisor. It will be interesting to see how things check out. Before they were HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List was a way to generate roofing leads.

They have a new LeadFeed program for their business users.

The way it works is the following:

How does LeadFeed work? Leads in your category are emailed to your business. Typically, only three businesses can purchase each lead, on a first come first serve basis. If a lead is not purchased, it will expire after 24 hours. Once purchased, you will receive the customer’s contact information. Likewise, the customer will receive your business information.

Where do these leads come from? Angie’s List has more than 100 million unique visitors to our website each year. These customers are now able to submit leads, increasing your exposure to potential customers.

What information about the lead will I see prior to purchase? You will have access to information about the description of work, the customer’s zip code and the desired timeframe to have work completed. Based on this information, you will be able to better gauge if you would like to purchase the lead and unlock the customer’s contact information.

I don’t have any experience with Angie’s List but I have heard mixed results from contractors.


Is an online marketplace in which consumers can hire based on their needs and desires. Thumbtack has over 10 million users and 250,000 active professionals.

The way Thumbtack works are that you set up a professional profile and pay for the leads that you only respond to.

For instance, you set up a profile and you’ll get a few leads per week and you only pay for the leads that you respond to.

I don’t have any experience with Thumbtack but the contractors that I have spoken to have gotten okay results. Most of the jobs are small.

Viral Marketing

If you are creative enough you can create a viral marketing campaign that produces great results. One company, Digital Roofing, created a viral marketing campaign and promoted it using Facebook Ads.

Check out the ad below which was shot on an iPhone:

I spoke to Zach Blickenshop and the result of this ad got them over 100 roofing jobs in about 100 days.

This ad went viral and was a smashing success.


There are lot ways to generate roofing leads. Some are superior to others. For a short term fix, a lead package can work well.

For roofers that are looking for a long term solution and that want to dominate their market then I would highly recommend a healthy mix of online and offline marketing strategies.

This is the best way to maximize the success of your roofing business.