How Digital Door Knocking Can Save Your Roofing Company From The Coronavirus

What happens to a business when the primary revenue driver stops? Squeeze. What happens to an industry when the primary lead generation channels stop being socially acceptable? Tight. There is no question that the CoronaVirus has affected small businesses everywhere. Even as only lead generation, e-commerce, and reviews/research determine [...]

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Marketing for Roofing Contractors: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

The ability to install a quality roof is an important part of building a profitable roofing business, but it's only one part. Marketing for roofing contractors is nearly as important as the work itself. Without marketing to promote and feature your work, all that skill and effort will be for [...]

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Marketing For Roofing Companies: 4 Unique Strategies

Marketing for roofing companies is absolutely essential, whether the business works with residential customers, commercial clients or a combination of both. While no amount of marketing will ever replace excellent workmanship, work of the highest quality won't mean anything if customers don't know the company exists. Enter marketing, along with [...]

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5 Amazing Roofing Advertising Strategies

For a roofer, a successful business starts by providing a quality service at a fair price. However, that alone won't guarantee you success. The market is more crowded than ever and prospective customers have far more options thanks to the internet. Roofing advertising strategies can take many forms, from online [...]

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Break Even With Your Marketing Investment

Break even with your marketing Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels fame states that the goal when creating a sales funnel is to break even with your advertising. This means that for every dollar you spend you get $1 in return. Depending on the type of business you are in this might [...]

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15 Ways To Get People To Know, Like, And Trust You

We live in a low-trust society. People are skeptical of claims. They have been bombarded with ads for so long it can be difficult to tell who is BSing vs. who is telling the truth. One of the best ways to overcome this is to create the know, like, and [...]

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How To Use Value First Marketing To Double Your Sales

How To Use Value First Marketing To Double Your Sales Over the last few decades, consumers have been bombarded with so many ads that people have become extremely sophisticated and skeptical. They can spot a sales-pitch a mile away. Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to [...]

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Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short Term Thinking

Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short-Term Thinking When you everything in your business on a micro vs. macro level you will start making different daily decisions. Too many business owners think in micro terms vs. the macro. When you look at things in your business on a macro level [...]

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