case study: Wabo Roofing Systems

How To Get 80 Roofing Leads & $35,000 In Sales In 5 Weeks

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about the client

Wabo Roofing is a roofing contractor based out of Houston, Texas. This is their 3rd year in business and they are on pace to have their best year ever.

They went from $800,000 in revenue in their first year to $3,000,000 their second year and now on pace to do $5,000,000.

They provide residential and commercial roofing services with a focus on insurance restoration.

their problem

Like most roofing contractors, they relied on traditional outbound marketing & sales strategies like canvassing/door knocking and telemarketing.

They were skeptical of online marketing and never invested in paid advertising online. They built a solid a website and had a decent of amount of positive reviews on Google & Facebook.

After meeting with Mauricio Cardenal at a conference they decided to invest in a paid advertising campaign with Roofing Marketing Pros using marketing channels like Google & Facebook.

our solution

Roofing Marketing Pros created a Google Advertising & Facebook Advertising campaign modeling previous successful roofing marketing campaigns.

For Google Ads, Roofing Marketing Pros created a campaign focused on a 40-mile radius around their office. We created two AdWords campaign residential and commercial with two separate landing pages with dynamic text replacement.

This helped facilitate higher conversion rates. We only targeted keywords geared towards people at the top of the buying cycle. We developed an extensive negative keyword list along with custom ad copy to exclude the wrong type of traffic.

For Facebook Ads, Roofing Marketing Pros used a proven strategy where we create interest by using the Venus Fly Trap formula.

With this formula, we create awareness by distributing content that is valuable to the homeowners and then retargeting those people with an irresistible offer.


In the first 40 days of working together we generated the following results:

  • 38 Inbound Calls
  • 10 Residential PPC Web Leads
  • $35,000 In Sales ($7,000 Net Profit 2X ROI)9 Commercial PPC Web Leads
  • 23 Facebook Leads


This campaign is off to a great start. Like many roofing contractors, they were skeptical of online marketing but decided to make a commitment.

They are interested in growing their business but also interested in becoming better marketers. In order to become a better marketer, you have to take an interest in marketing and make a commitment to learning the fundamentals.

If you want to take the next step in your business and make a commitment to get better results online then we should talk.

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We’ve tried every type of online lead generation strategy but we never had success. Our most reliable way of getting customers was through door knocking. We knew we had to figure out online marketing to dominate our city. Roofing Marketing Pros delivered excellent results! Once we started the campaign we saw inbound leads within 24 hours. The best thing about these leads is that they were hots leads and were ready to make a decision. I highly recommend their services!

– Ricardo Castellanos, Founder All Star Construction & Roofing

your roofing business is about to get a serious boost