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203 Roofing Leads In 5 Weeks

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about the client

RRCA is one of the nation’s leading storm restoration contractors. RRCA was founded in 1993 and has several locations across the country.

They specialize in all types of roofs, commercial and residential:

  • Tile
  • Shingle
  • Metal
  • TPO
  • Flat Roofing
  • Rubber

Roofing Professionals strives to be professional in all aspects of their industry. They are a member of several organizations and associations so that they can stay up-to-date and ahead of the game in the roofing industry.

During the recording breaking 2017 storm season they went to Florida to work Hurricane Irma. It is estimated that Hurricane Irma will have over 65 billion in damage in Florida alone.

their problem

Lee Haight the president of RRCA and the owner of Sky Diamonds University had built his business chasing storms and door knocking.

A few years ago he started focusing his attention on online marketing. He had hired several marketing companies and had mixed results.

RRCA was running several online marketing campaigns before they contacted Roofing Marketing Pros.

With the increased competition in Naples, the cost/lead had doubled and was no longer providing the results that they expected.

our solution

Roofing Marketing Pros used the Automatic Roofing Job Generator Marketing system for great results.

We identified strategies that they can implement right away and created residential roofing and commercial roofing marketing funnels.

We drove Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram traffic to these marketing funnels and used automation to provide leads to their sales team.

We created marketing videos to prime and educate prospects and created remarketing campaigns that target people that engaged with the content.

We developed an extensive negative keyword list along with custom ad copy to exclude the wrong type of traffic.

We implemented call tracking and form submissions to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

We also implemented Google Remarketing to help increase conversion rates.

This helped facilitate higher conversion rates.


  • 75 Inbound calls
  • 42 Residential Web PPC web leads
  • 3 Commercial PPC web leads
  • 17 Facebook Survey Leads
  • 40 Facebook Lead ad leads without address
  • 26 Facebook lead ad leads with address
  • Total 203 Leads
  • Average about $75/lead
  • Total Sales 4.2 Million In Revenue Booked


This is what happens when you view marketing as an investment and do whatever it takes to succeed online.

They are on pace to do over 50 million in revenue in 2018 and these campaigns are a big part of that.

They used online marketing as a supplement to feed their sales teams and close more deals.

Lee Haight built Sky Diamonds University into the premier roofing business training course with social media advertising.

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We’ve tried every type of online lead generation strategy but we never had success. Our most reliable way of getting customers was through door knocking. We knew we had to figure out online marketing to dominate our city. Roofing Marketing Pros delivered excellent results! Once we started the campaign we saw inbound leads within 24 hours. The best thing about these leads is that they were hots leads and were ready to make a decision. I highly recommend their services!

– Ricardo Castellanos, Founder All Star Construction & Roofing

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