case study: ProClaim Roofing

124 Inbound Leads and over $200,000 in Sales In 3 Months

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about the client

Tyler Melton owns and operates ProClaim Roofing out of Plano, Texas. They have been in business since 2015.

They’ve increased their sales each from 5 million to 15 million to 17 million the 3rd year. They focus on the Dallas metroplex area and west Texas.

They are proud of their work and are building a great reputation in the Dallas metro market.

their problem

Like many roofing companies, ProClaim Roofing invested a significant amount in a marketing company without any results.

To be exact, they had invested over $120,000 over a 12-month period.

The owner, Tyler Melton, felt frustrated and angry.

our solution

When I spoke to Tyler, they had an unfocused marketing strategy. They were spending money in many different marketing channels.

They didn’t have a focused marketing gameplan that consistently brought new opportunities.

They are primarily an insurance restoration door knocking company roofing company competing the most cut-through and competitive marketing in the USA.

They needed a focused marketing system that allows to position their company as an expert and authority while making easy for them to sell roofs.

We worked as a team on this.

We used the Automatic Roofing Job, generator which is a proprietary marketing system that uses a combination Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads to drive leads to their sales team.


Since November 6th 2018, we have generated the following results:

  • 78 Inbound Calls
  • 14 Web Leads from Google
  • 32 Leads on Facebook

example of facebook ad


It’s been awesome with Tyler Melton and the whole ProClaim team. They made both a financial and educational commitment to digital marketing.

They knew that in order to differentiate their company they needed to create momentum in their business by scaling.

They got these results in the most competitive and cut-throat marketplace in the country, the DFW.

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We’ve tried every type of online lead generation strategy but we never had success. Our most reliable way of getting customers was through door knocking. We knew we had to figure out online marketing to dominate our city. Roofing Marketing Pros delivered excellent results! Once we started the campaign we saw inbound leads within 24 hours. The best thing about these leads is that they were hots leads and were ready to make a decision. I highly recommend their services!

– Ricardo Castellanos, Founder All Star Construction & Roofing

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