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How LOA Construction Crushed The Competition With Facebook Ads

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the problem

In 2018 Clyde Bryan and Patrick T. Rich came together and formed LOA Construction based out of Austin, TX. Clyde Bryan had lots of experience in business, and Patrick had lots of experience in roofing. Together, they figured they’d dominate the roofing industry.

In their first year of doing business, they generated $600,000 in revenue. The only issue though, was that Clyde had spent over $10,000 on Facebook ads, which had very little success. At this point, Clyde felt frustrated and was pretty much through using Facebook Ads, even though he knew he needed social media advertising.

our solution

In 2019, I was hosting a seminar at the 10X Growth Conference in Miami, which just so happened to serve as an introduction for Clyde and myself.

I was able to sit down and chat with Clyde and go in-depth into the results we were getting for other roofing companies, through our marketing tactics. Even though he expressed skepticism at first, we agreed to work together and build out his Google and Facebooks Ads.

Before we began, I made sure Clyde was fully aware that to maximize his Facebook results, we would need original video content. This meant Clyde himself was going to have to get in front of the camera (Clyde, like a lot of other contractors, was initially fearful about going on camera).

His first video alone took him about 20 takes to nail it finally. It wasn’t easy, but Clyde knew that he needed to do this, for his company to see the growth he desired.


Since we’ve started working together, Clyde’s taken our direction and has followed through on everything we’ve asked.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we have generated the following results since April 2019:

  •     95 Facebook Web Leads
  •     65 Facebook Messages
  •     $67 Cost/Lead

Their second year of business has seen a huge spike in success, as they’re now on pace to generate $8 million in revenue for 2019.


Working with Clyde and LOA Construction has been an ideal scenario for both Clyde and me. We knew we’d be able to deliver excellent results, but that depended on Clyde’s willingness to work with us.

Not many people are willing to get in front of the camera, but Clyde was and still is. The proof of his success is in the results, and if you look closely enough, you’ll notice one major insight which should never be forgotten: original content is king.

We’ve tried every type of online lead generation strategy but we never had success. Our most reliable way of getting customers was through door knocking. We knew we had to figure out online marketing to dominate our city. Roofing Marketing Pros delivered excellent results! Once we started the campaign we saw inbound leads within 24 hours. The best thing about these leads is that they were hots leads and were ready to make a decision. I highly recommend their services!

– Ricardo Castellanos, Founder All Star Construction & Roofing

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