[Video Case Study] Over $750,000 In The Pipeline In Less Than 30 Days


The Blue Roof Company

The Blue Roof Company is a roofing company based in Northern Kentucky that does both residential and commercial jobs.

They specialize in the following:

  • Storm Damage
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Full Roof Installations
  • Insurance Claims

They have over 20 years experience in the roofing business & have the following values:

  • Provide our customers with an outstanding product
  • Help our customers through the new roof process
  • Always be respectful, honest, and kind
  • Safety first, for our customers and our employees
  • Make sure the customer is happy when we leave the job site


The Blue Roof company had many past negative experiences with lead generation and online marketing. They tried telemarketing, HomeAdvisor, and had local online marketing companies with little success.

They wanted to become a modern roofing company that used all the technologies available.
They knew they had to create a marketing system that delivers results online.
They were using AdWords but had shown little success with their approach.

Finally, Jason Yount the president of The Blue Roof Company contacted Roofing Marketing Pros to discuss their online marketing strategies.


Roofing Marketing Pros used the Automatic Roofing Job Generator Marketing system for great results.

We created a Google AdWords campaign focused on Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. 

We created two AdWords campaign residential and commercial with two separate landing pages with dynamic text replacement. This helped facilitate higher conversion rates.

We only targeted keywords geared towards people at the top of the buying cycle. We developed an extensive negative keyword list along with custom ad copy to exclude the wrong type of traffic.

We implemented call tracking and form submissions to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. We also implemented Google Remarketing to help increase conversion rates.


In 6 weeks we have generated 23 unique inbound calls, 3 web leads, and over $750,000 in commercial jobs opportunities. 

$750,000 In Commercial Job Opportunities In Less Than 30 Days
Check out a screenshot of the results from our call tracking system below!


We have a proven marketing system that gets consistent results. If you want your phone to ring with high-quality inbound leads in both the commercial and residential roofing space then make sure to schedule a call with me here

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