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Do You Have Proof of Your Work?

We live in a skeptical world.

People have been bombarded with advertisements for so long that they’ve become wary of claims.

When you make claims in your marketing you have to provide proof of your results.

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before.

In roofing, the product/service has not changed a lot over the last few decades.

For the most part, people know what a roof is and how long it will take to repair or replace a roof.

In roofing, even though many customers know what a roof is they have no idea what the best roofing solution would be for them.

This is your opportunity to educate your customers.

The company that takes an educational first and sell second approach will win in the long run.

When you take an educational value first approach to your marketing, selling will become easier, and you can sell at a premium.

This puts more money in your pocket in which you can use to re-invest in your marketing.

Do you rely on the momentum of the marketplace?

There are too many contractors that are relying on the momentum of the marketplace.

When you rely on the momentum of the marketplace you become a “me too” business.

A “me too” business has no unique value proposition.

They conform to the marketplace and rely on factors like storms to generate new business.

There is nothing distinctive about their business. A customer can look at their phones and call 20 other contractors that provide similar services.

There are two distinct forces that are trying to turn your business into a commodity: your competition and your customers.

Even though roofing is a commodity the whole goal is not to be perceived as a commodity.

If your customers see you as a commodity then the game is over.

You’ll be competing on price alone and be working with price shoppers.

The single best way to make your business unique is with marketing.

Good marketing allows you to educate your customers while telling your story in a unique way.

Referrals/Word of mouth

Referrals are always going to be the best source of leads for a service-based business.

Referrals pay the most and are the easiest to convert.

Do you know why referrals are the best type of leads?

Because they have proof of your expertise. They’ve talked to someone who has used your services and know that you are capable of doing a good job.

The only thing that might stop them from buying is timing.

When you provide proof of your expertise you are one step closer to getting the sale.

Empathy for your customers

Do you have empathy for your customers?

Do know the feelings and the thoughts they have when they need a new roof?

When you understand the feelings you customers have you’ll have a much better understanding of the reasons why a prospect buys from you.

Most contractors only get to the surface level on why a customer needs to buy.

Yes, they need a new roof but what are the feelings that your customer is experiencing when needing a new roof?


There are several ways to provide proof of your expertise. You can use testimonials, case studies, and online reviews.


There are more and more contractors that are doing video testimonials. A well-done video testimonial can be a boon for your business.

When you do a video testimonial make sure to follow the star, story, solution format.

  • Star- introduce the person. Clearly, state who they are and where they are from
  • Story- let them tell their story. Ask them the problem they had before they contracted and what they felt like before
  • Solution- state the problem you solved and the solution you provided them. Make sure to ask about the feelings they felt after getting this problem solved.

Case Studies

Case studies are like a beefed up testimonial. They are hard to fake and difficult to make.

Case studies can work extremely well in the commercial space. Case studies tell a story of your expertise and the problem.

The basic format of a case study is the following:

  • About
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Results

It’s a similar format to the star, story, solution format.

If you want an example of a roofing company that is doing a good job with case studies check out the case study page on Arrow Renovation


Online Reviews

Over 88% of consumers trust online reviews. Online reviews are a great way to provide proof of your expertise.

One of the biggest challenges getting customers to write you more reviews. There is a new tool called Podium that uses text messages to solicit your customers for reviews.

It’s easy to use and makes it extremely for the customer to write a review for your business.


Images are a great way to show your customers that you are a real business. I would hire a professional photographer to take a picture of you and your crew.

It’s a small investment that can serve you well in the long run.

Here’s a good example from Collin Bryan Construction



Consumers are more skeptical and sophisticated than ever before.

It’s your job to provide proof of your expertise.

The best way to provide proof is by educating your prospects and showing the results of your work.

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