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5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non Storm Market

5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non-Storm Market

Leads are a premium in a non-storm environment.

In the midwest and other regions storm season always brings lots of opportunities for leads, sales, and jobs.

How about if you work in a city that doesn’t have regular storms?

How would you generate leads for your roofing business if the weather is not that big of a factor?

A lot of contractors that are not in a storm environment have to set up systems that will allow them to generate lots of leads for their business.

Even though there are about 24,000 roofing companies in the USA alone, this is not really enough to cover every roof of a building.

Many young people are not encouraged to enter the trades which has put the labor market in short supply.

This means that for many contractors, they’ve relied on the low competition of their marketplace to generate new business for them.

But if you are in a more competitive environment you need to step up and have your company become the lead generation hub.

By implementing the following systems this will make your business less dependent on the weather to generate new leads and customers.

Branding is important

The more you invest in your branding the easier it will be to sell roofs. Every lead generation strategy will be easier if you have a branding strategy as well.

Of the clients that we have worked with, the more they have invested in their branding the better results they get online.

This means that they have more videos, reviews, testimonials, case studies etc…

Here are 5 Ways To Generate Roofing Leads In A Non-Storm Market

Roofing Marketing Leads

Google AdWords

Besides Door Knocking and referrals, search engine marketing is the #1 way that most contractors use to generate leads for their business online.

According to my research (I used SpyFu), there are at least 550 roofing companies in the US alone that are spending at least $1,000 a month on AdWords.

The vast majority are not even doing a good job.

The #1 mistake that contractors make using AdWords sending paid traffic to the homepage of their website instead of a landing page.

Landing pages are designed to convert and will significantly improve the quality and reduce the cost per lead.

With AdWords, you can target people at the top of the buying cycle. These people have a problem (roof damage, roofing leak, settled an insurance claim) and you as a contractor are there to solve their problem.

Roofing Marketing Leads

Facebook Ads

In a non-storm environment, it’s best to take a value-first approach with Facebook Ads. This means that you need to create a marketing campaign that educates, entertains, and ultimately makes them an offer.

With Facebook Ads, most contractors confuse boosting posts on their Facebook page as a marketing campaign.

It’s more complicated than just boosting posts on Facebook.

You have to build a marketing funnel takes your prospects on a journey in which they become aware of your service to ultimately becoming a prospect/lead.

Facebook Groups

A quick and easy to generate leads is to post on different Facebook groups.

Here are the steps you should take to start posting content on Facebook.

  • Go to the Groups section on Facebook.
  • Type in your city and look for a Facebook group that is active.
  • Join the group and start posting content

Posting ideas

  • Post pictures of your recently completed work
  • Offer a referral discounts to any referrals
  • Post videos and any other type of content.

It’s important to remember to be consistent with this approach. You might not get anything the first couple of times but if you keep at it I’m sure you will get some results.

Not many roofers that are doing this right now so you should start implementing this strategy before your Facebook group gets crowded and the strategy won’t be as effective anymore.

Roofing Marketing Leads


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

A good SEO strategy will form the foundation of having a strong and robust online presence.

There are two main components of a strong SEO strategy. Off-page SEO, which involves backlinking, citations, etc…and On-Page SEO which involves having your website optimized for SEO.

SEO usually has the greatest ROI but it takes more time to see results. Most contractors are not patient enough to stay the course until results are there.

In a lot of these small cities with low competition, it doesn’t take much work to rank your website. Once you have your website ranked you can generate a ton of leads without having to pay any advertising.

Roofing Marketing Leads


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Video marketing is becoming more and more important as people consume more videos.

Video tends to convert better than text.

This means that the vast majority of people would rather watch a video than reading the text. If you can create your message in a video you’ll see better results.

The vast majority of contractors ignore Youtube so the competition is low. Oftentimes it’s much easier to rank a video on Google than it is to rank an article.

This is why I always recommend that all my clients create as much video content as they can.

You can create videos and repost them on Facebook and your Youtube channels.


Leads are a premium in a non-storm market. Any of these strategies will get you significant results for your business.

These are strategies are even more effective when a storm hits. People will be searching for roofing services a lot more when there is a storm.

It’s prudent not to rely on a single marketing channel for your leads. This puts your business in a perilous position.

If you diversify as many lead channels as you can you can see better results and create a stronger foundation for your business.

If you want to implement any of these strategies for your business then we should talk.

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