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Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short Term Thinking

Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short-Term Thinking

When you everything in your business on a micro vs. macro level you will start making different daily decisions.

Too many business owners think in micro terms vs. the macro.

When you look at things in your business on a macro level you will see the big picture and the consequences of not building an online customer acquisition system.

The failure to build an online customer acquisition system leaves your business vulnerable.

Too many contractors rely on stormy weather to generate new opportunities for their business.

When you rely on the storm you rely on the whims of mother nature to get sales.

As a roofing contractor, you will always be dependent on the weather but it should not be the defining lead generation strategy for your business.

The Consequences of a Sales First Attitude

When you approach your marketing with a sales-first attitude you neglect the needs and desires of your customers.

You might get some sales out of it by approaching your marketing this way, but in the long run, you will get fewer sales because of this approach.

It’s like dating.

You can’t just go straight for sex, you have to first get to know a person and build a relationship.

The Competition is not relevant

When I first started blogging for my site I knew that my audience wasn’t really that interested in online marketing.

Let’s face it, lead generation is not the biggest challenge that roofing contractors face in their business.

But I knew that the vast majority of roofing business owners were not building a business that is scalable and couldn’t survive without them.

Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short Term Thinking

When I first started working with contractors, I was shocked how far behind they were with online marketing.

My main objective in creating content is to change the attitude of roofing contractors while at the same time educating them.

I also wanted to build my authority so that our sales would be easier.

I want them to see marketing as an investment vs a cost.

If they view marketing as an investment then everything would change.

They would understand the value of what we do and how it can transform their business.

No matter how big our business grows, I can never serve everybody in this market.

It’s too big.

This is why I don’t really care about what the competition is doing.

I have an abundance mindset.

This mindset allows me to see the big picture and not worry about what a competitor is offering.

I want the audience I serve to see the importance of online marketing and the consequences they face if they don’t change things in their business.

There are still too many contractors that are left on the sidelines because of a negative past experience.

These negative experiences prevent contractors from changing things in their business and seeing the big picture of the coming storm.

This is why it’s my responsibility to create enough content and spread my message as far and wide as I can so I can change the attitudes of contractors everywhere.

Go the extra mile

I’m sure you have heard this cliche before. But, how many people actually go the extra the mile to serve and lead?

You should be obsessed with learning how you can serve your customers better.

This obsession will lead you to test what works and what doesn’t work in your business.

This an iterative process that will ultimately put you on a path to greatness.

The Strategy of Preeminence

Jay Abraham’s most powerful lesson provides a template that you should follow in building a legacy.

The Strategy of Preeminence is defined as being seen as the definitive expert and resource for your market and acting as your client’s fiduciary.

When you are acting as a fiduciary you are taking responsibility and putting your client’s best interests at heart.

In order to be seen as the definitive expert and resource in your market, you have to create valuable content and make sure that this content is seen by as many people as possible.

What this means is that it’s your responsibility to go exactly where your prospects are and promote your content in these channels.

For most businesses, especially with roofing, the two biggest channels in which your prospects hang out are Google and Facebook.

Google is where people search for information while Facebook is where people spend their time.

There are two separate forces that are trying to turn your business into a commodity, your competitors and your customers.

This is a great video from Jay Abraham that explains the strategy of Preeminence

When you are seen as preeminent in the marketplace you will never have to worry about being seen as a commodity.

When you approach your business thinking about your customer’s interest before your own you’ll be on your way to achieving preeminence.

There are many contractors who do amazing work for their customers but are not doing all they can in their business.

To achieve preeminence in the marketplace you have to do everything you can to serve as many customers as you can while increasing your bottom line.

This is counterintuitive but bear with me.

When you increase the average transaction value of your service you are delivering more value to your product and looking for the well being of your customers.

If a customer needs a better product that is more expensive it is your responsibility to educate your prospects so they understand why they need the superior product.

What is your Legacy?

When you think on a micro level you don’t really think about the consequences of your business if suddenly you leave or become incapacitated.

Micro vs. Macro: The Consequences Of Short Term Thinking

For me, I want to build a legacy for my business. I want it to survive and thrive even if I am not around.

When you think about your legacy you understand the importance of the daily decisions you make.

Everything you do is a reflection of your attitude.

Like Jim Rohn says “How you do anything is how you do everything” and “Everything matters” some things matter more and some things matter less but everything you do always matters.


Micro vs. Macro thinking

Short term vs. long term.

Your daily decisions will ultimately affect your future outcomes. When you take a sales first attitude you risk the long-term consequences for your business.

When you view marketing as a cost rather than an investment you are putting your company’s future at risk.

It can be years until you see the consequences of your actions.

Build a legacy and start educating yourself on what it takes to succeed with online marketing.

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