How to Target Homeowners on Facebook

Roofers aren’t the only ones targeting homeowners on Facebook. Realtors who sell real estate listings, real estate clients who want to buy a home, and other contractors in the home and garden industry are all trying to target people who own their homes.

Facebook ads are so effective because millions of homeowners scroll through their Facebook feeds every day. If your ad is front and center, your business will be top of mind the next time homeowners need roof work.

But how do Facebook ads work, and what marketing strategies are most important to reach local homeowners?

how to target homeowners on facebook

How Does Facebook Ad Targeting Work?


In your Facebook Ads Manager, you can define three audiences, including:


  • Core audiences. The primary audience you wish to target based on age, location, gender, relevant interests, life events, and even relationship status.
  • Custom audiences. Custom targeting options allow you to build retargeting campaigns with visitors who have interacted with your Facebook page before.
  • Lookalike audiences. Lookalikes are prospective customers who closely resemble your existing customers and page followers.
how to target homeowners on facebook

How to Determine Your Target Audience for Your Next Ad Campaign

You can create multiple ads on Facebook to target homeowners in different demographics.

If you don’t use effective targeting strategies, you could reach the wrong audience and waste valuable ad dollars.
When targeting homeowners and writing ad copy, consider these factors:




Wealthier Millennial homeowners under 45 grew up with the internet and understand online marketing. Homeowners over 45 may not have as much understanding of current online advertising, and you should employ a different marketing strategy for them.




Your target market may live in certain neighborhoods where the income is over a certain level. You can create ads targeting homeowners in these areas.


Education and Employment. 


You can target your Facebook advertisements to reach people with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, as well as people with “accountant,” “dentist,” or “entrepreneur” in their job titles.

how to target homeowners on facebook

How Many New Leads Can You Get from One Ad?

With your Facebook Business Account and a strong Facebook advertising strategy, you can get more leads than with traditional listing sites and ad platforms. However, Facebook advertising doesn’t always bring in the highest quality leads who are ready to close on a roofing contract for a roof repair or replacement.

Is It Worth the Ad Spend for Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising allows you to target business owners and homeowners in your service area, including areas as small as a single neighborhood. You can use forms, images, videos, and other types of ads to reach local roofing leads.

Leads from Facebook are often more affordable than other pay-per-click (PPC) ad leads, such as Google Ads. Facebook ads are also fairly easy to create and set your target audience. You may want to create a single Facebook ad to start and see what kind of results you get for your investment.

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