How Digital Door Knocking Can Save Your Roofing Company?


What happens to a business when the primary revenue driver stops?


What happens to an industry when the primary lead generation channels stop being socially acceptable?


Even as only lead generation, e-commerce, and reviews/research determine customer’s buying decisions, a handshake and a face is still a primary driver for new business in the General Contracting Industry. Did a great job with the neighbor’s house? Stopping by next door to introduce is a great way to turn one job on the block into two, three, maybe the entire neighborhood.

That is about to stop. Maybe temporarily, but is Door Knocking going to slow down tremendously?


The same reason you can’t buy any toilet paper in the stores.

Here are three things to consider if you are a Roofing Contractor/General Contractor

Digital Door Knocking (when face-to-face isn’t possible)

People are panic buying as they are afraid of things being scarce in the future. Not just products, like toilet paper, but also services. General Contractors are fearing a drop in business and expecting to slow down, which leaves a huge opportunity for others to fill that gap.

Imagine how many homeowners are finally able to spend time at home, and have nothing to do? They are going to be taking a look around their home, and doing research about what to do when “the Corona” blows over. Many will be finding leaks in their roofs, as storm season is about to kick in across the country.

This is where “Digital Door Knocking” comes into play.

While your entire team may not be door knocking due to people not opening their doors, or your team not wanting to work, or most importantly if there are laws/curfews/restrictions in your area, property owners still need help!

You’d probably have a team out in the storm-hit areas the next day in regular circumstances, but this year, you’ll have to approach the market with an online strategy in order to capitalize on the newly available opportunity.

“No Contact” Inspections, Estimates & Quotes

There are so many pieces of software, it’s hard to keep up with what works, what doesn’t, and if any of it matters. One major MISSED opportunity for roofers, is the “No Contact” inspection, aka the digital estimate delivered by email.

By using Google maps, you can look at the property you are prospecting. You can use street view to digitally drive the streets of the neighborhood. Most importantly – using aerial measurement software you can measure the roof itself with tools like RoofSnap. These tools allow a prospect who calls or fills out a form to get immediate information, something they’ll value and trust. Having the online option is a major service enhancement considering social distancing during Coronapocalypse.

While many inspections required a handshake on property sharing of paperwork and other ways for people to pass any form of germ, there is also the “In-Person No Contact” inspection. While more difficult for roofs without getting on top, this is very effective for siding and inspecting for damage. Going to a property with requirements ready in case a property owner decides they want you to inspect the roof more quickly is also a great way to offer “No Contact” but also have limited contact.

Create a pipeline of revenue your team will TRUST

One of the most challenging problems roofers have is keeping a good team on board to help scale and sell more jobs. Many roofers go off to start their own job, become salespeople for other roofing companies, etc. Not only roofers, but good salespeople tend to be extremely hard to hold onto if leads aren’t rolling in and revenue isn’t hitting the bank.

Corona Virus is going to put your team’s loyalty, and your ability to feed their family, to the test. Slowing down business right now is not an option. Bills don’t stop.

The mortgage isn’t going to pause.

The kids still have to go to school.

Cash flow is going to be not only the #1 way to keep your team, but also a way to grow your team during times of market uncertainty.

By becoming the BEST digital door knocker in your area, you will net all opportunities. While some jobs might not be able to be completed due to Corona, much of this work is 1) external to the home not affecting the residents, 2) is going to be needed anyway due to storm season, and others won’t be as competitive, due to the nature of “going on defense mode”.

By going on offense, you can increase market share, grow your team as others will be attracted to momentum and you won’t be impacted by this economic downward shift as much. If you decide to go on defense, you risk losing your team.

If you want help setting up a digital door-knocking campaign let us know.

All you have to do is click on THIS link

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