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Contractor #1 vs Contractor #2

Today, I want to tell you the story of two contractors.

One started working with us a year ago.

The campaign has been moderately successful.

We’ve spent about 10K in ad spend and only got about 75 leads.

These are commercial leads.

Most contractors would not be satisfied with that result.

But this contractor had a different mindset.

He didn’t care what it cost, he just cared about making money.

Here’s the thing

Marketing is supposed to be evaluated like an investment.

It’s not supposed to be seen as a cost.

Costs are fixed like an employee’s salary and office rent.

They are fixed and can’t grow a company.

Marketing is supposed to be seen as an investment because you are investing in acquiring customers.

Acquiring customers is the only way to grow a business.

The business that invests in marketing and acquires a customer, as a result, is always going to beat the business that doesn’t.

In the end, even with moderate success, the contractor made money in the investment.

2X1 return on the investment

He spent a total of about $25K and got at least 50K in profit (in the form of sales) as a result of the campaign.

The other contractor only invested in the program for 3 months.

He made over 105K in sales and only invested about 10K in total spending.

Even though he was breaking even and making money he stopped the campaign.

Now, he’s back where once was.

He’s not taking advantage of getting leads from the internet and still buying leads from telemarketing and lead generation companies like HomeAdvisor.

In the end, the biggest obstacle holding companies from growing is the mindset of the owner/founder.

With the right mindset they can do anything.

With the wrong mindset, they will never grow and most likely fail.

The mortality rate for most businesses is extremely high.

So, which contractor would you rather be the one with a long-term view, and who got his money back even though he didn’t get immediate results?

Or the other contractor who didn’t see the big picture and now is relying on other companies to generate leads for him?


The choice is yours.

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