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Built To Sell: Creating A Company That Lasts Forever

Built To Sell: Creating A Company That Lasts Forever

Built to sell is a strategy of building a business in a way that has systems run the business instead of having to rely heavily on its founder.

The book, Built to Sell by John Warrillow, says that if you pursue three criteria- teachable, valuable, and repeatable, you will have built a business that you can sell.

Even if you have no intention of selling your business you should build your business in a systemized manner so you can have a valuable asset in your life.

Most private businesses rely heavily on its founder which makes the wealth difficult to liquidate.

In the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad highlights the importance of holding and building assets in your life.

Building assets like real estate, stock investments, and sellable businesses are how someone gets financially rich.

The vast majority of contractors don’t have an exit strategy and have not built their business in a way that doesn’t rely on them.

The Father & Son Legacy

You see many father & son or even father & daughter relationships in roofing. These companies have history and usually take their legacy more serious.

One of the main ideas of the Built To Sell is that you should build your business as it would last forever.

Many roofing companies have the luxury or detriment (however you want to see it) of being a family business.

One of the biggest fears that roofing contractors have is what will happen to their company once they decide to retire or leave the industry.

Most contractors do not have an exit strategy and most roofing companies are not valuable to outside investors.

The reason this happens is that outside investors look at what the future profitability of the company if/when the founder leaves.

If the company is too reliant on its founder the company won’t be worth much even though some of these companies are making millions.


If you are trying to sell your roofing business the first step would be to get a valuation. A valuation includes your assets, the experience of your management team, customer database, branding, networking relationships, and lead generation systems.

Even if you have no intention of selling your company you should be thinking about the valuation of your business just in case something happens to you.

Over 70% of entrepreneurs wealth is trapped inside an illiquid business and fewer than 30% businesses will ever sell.

Most people fail to hire an estate planner to plan out the events if there is a death.

The three main criteria that investors look for when buying a business is cash flow, future profitability, and specialization.

The valuation of your roofing company should also include tangible assets like your trucks, roofing materials, any land you own, and your current inventory.

Building Wealth

In the book, Rich Dad, Poor, Kiyosaki argues that the fastest way to wealth is to own as many assets you can.

When you think of wealth in terms of assets and liabilities your mindset shifts.

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they don’t want to be mediocre. I know this is the reason why I started my own business.

Built to sell

Even though I was making over 100K in my mid-20s I know having a job is like being an addict. Having a high paying salary limits your potential.

Entrepreneurship is the fastest path to wealth.

But if there is no exit strategy your business won’t be worth much…

Roofing Lead generation

Most roofing companies rely on outside companies to generate leads for their business.

Companies like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Porch, and others have enabled roofing companies to put off building their own lead generation systems.

Too many contractors are relying on the old school strategies vs. embracing the online marketing strategies.

When you fail to implement your own lead generation systems your company will be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

An outside investor or competitor will value having your company generate its own leads.

The more channels your company generates leads from the more stable and predictable your will sales be.

Sales are king but marketing is queen.

Do You Have A Roofing Brand?

Most roofing companies ignore branding. This is a mistake because branding is an attractive asset that outside investors look for.

If a roofing company is the most well-known brand in their city this will make it easier for that company to generate more referrals and charge premium prices.

Building a brand allows you to charge premium pricing which allows more profitability. Profitability is one of the most important criteria to outside investors.

Do You Have A Customer Database?

Building a customer database is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Even though many roofing customers are 1-time customers, this doesn’t change the fact that you should continually be building your database with prospects, leads, and customers.

If a competitor is buying your company they will value your customer database.

Referrals are always to be the #1 way that service companies get more business. If you don’t have a customer base then it will be more difficult to generate referrals.

Production Systems

Building a production system is a key component in a valuable business. I don’t have any experience with the production side of roofing but just like building a system you have to create standard operating procedures.

By making the production a repeatable and teachable process you will create a system that runs itself.


Even if you have no intention of selling your company your business should be built as it would last forever.

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is building a business that is too dependent on its founder.

When you build your business this way you’ve built a valuable asset. Building valuable assets are the most important metric in getting wealthy.

We take a chance to start a business in order to not live an ordinary life.

By building your business that is built to sell you will build a legacy that lasts forever.

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