Account Manager

$45,000-$65,000/year - Full-time

Roofing Marketing Pros is a marketing company that specializes in Roofing. We work with Roofers across North America that are looking for more clients. Our team is growing and is looking to hire a few more rockstars.


Full Job Description:

Mission: We want to empower 1000 home improvement companies and grow their businesses

Roofing Marketing Pros began in June 2017 in Miami. Since then, RMP has become a market leader in advertising and lead generation for roofing companies. We have served over 400 clients and have generated over 100,000 inbound leads and appointments during that timespan. We have a stellar reputation and are market leaders in this space.

Our Core Values

Performance: Always be optimizing

Results: We love putting more money into our client’s pockets

Ownership: Own everything in your world to an extreme degree

Speed: All day everyday

If this culture does not resonate with you, please do not bother applying.>

Account Managers are the liaisons between the agency and its clients. They are the primary point of contact — handling all day-to-day client interactions, as well as managing the projects and correcting issues as needed to ensure client success.
They are committed to providing top-quality service and exceptional results above all else.

An Account Manager is simultaneously an agency representative, project manager, and most importantly, coach. We are NOT looking for “yes-people”, who do anything the client asks without critically examining whether it’s actually in their best interest.

We are looking for coaches — marketing personal trainers. We need people who feel comfortable saying, “no we won’t do that, and here’s why…” to a misguided client request, and then coaching them towards the best course of action. Our Account Managers are able to call clients out when they fail to meet expectations or behave against their own self-interest, all while maintaining a positive relationship based on mutual respect and a shared goal of client success above all else.

RMP can give you the requisite marketing knowledge for the role; we cannot give you the right attitude and mindset. If you are unable to think critically, have crucial conversations, or set clear expectations, do not bother applying.

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